Having to continually come up with healthy and nutritious foods for your kids' lunchboxes can be tiring, especially with term 4 well and truly here and the weather warming up. Here at My Family Kids Brand we are all about making and packing  healthy and nutritious food for your kids so easy!


One of our favourite Summertime products that we are really passionate about are our Food Jars which keep food cool for 7 hours! (They also keep food warm for 10 hours).  This opens up a whole range of healthy and nutritious foods that your child can take to school or kinder such as fruit salad, overnight oats, acai bowls, yogurt, vegetables sticks, cold meats and cheese.... the list is endless!  Made from the highest quality food-grade stainless steel, it means food stays cool and safe to eat all day, and it even comes with a soft spork that attaches for easy use and storage. 

Like all the My Family products, the Food Jar is BPA free, manufactured to the highest standards so it is drop proof and leakproof, and the lids are designed for the youngest child - easy to open and close.  And of course it is easy to clean, at the end of the day just wash and dry thoroughly and it's ready for use the following day.  Our Food Jar, like the rest of our range, is built to last the test of time and comes with a 12 month defect and mould warranty and it comes in a range of fun designs and colours which co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of the My Family product range. 

We think the My Family Kids Brand Food Jar is perfect for busy families: it is environmentally friendly; saves on packaging and waste; provides the perfect safe container for healthy and delicious foods; is easy to use and comes in a range of colours that kids will absolutely love.  We know you will love using this wonderful product - keeping our kids and our planet healthy!