Safest Sleep for baby thanks to Safe T Sleep

By Lifestyle Parenting on December 13, 2019 in | comments

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep! When it comes to being a parent with a child under two, getting a good night sleep can be hard to come by. Here at Lifestyle Parenting, we know the challenges all parents face in the sleep department and we are here to help! Introducing the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, the product that is going to give your precious baby extra sleep safety and revolutionise your baby’s sleep.

Designed for children aged approximately 0-2 years, the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap supports nurturing, positive parenting and keeps your child in safe and comfortable positions (throughout the entire night.) It helps to prevent your young baby from rolling onto their tummy, creeping into awkward, uncomfortable, potentially dangerous positions.


*Older babies out of the high risk period (considered to be approximately 6-7 months) may be taught to turn within the wrap, which allows natural. , flexible , comfortable  movement according to all necessary developmental STAGES.


The Sleepwrap can help with transitions into bigger and different beds.  Some of the key benefits of the Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® include:

1.      Peace of mind and a better sleep

2.      Comfortable, allowing all-natural movements at each stage of development.

3.      Happy hips and limbs

4.      Warm in winter, cool in summer

5.      Helps keep face and head clear to comply with International safer sleeping guidelines to prevent suffocation

6.      Helps prevent cot and bed falls

7.      Ideal for Reflux, GERD, colds, colic positioning

8.      Helps prevent misshapen (flat) heads

9.      A safer transition from bassinet to cot, and cot to ‘big bed’

10.  Great for travelling, camping and boating


This amazing product goes hand-in-hand with responsible nurturing, parenting and supervision skills and is a great product to add to your range.