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My Family Food Jar Yowie Camping

Arriving November 2021

My Family makes it easy to build healthy bodies and a healthy planet with portioned controlled vacuum sealed (10 hours hot) Food Jar + Soft Spork.  From your baby’s first solids through to elementary school, My Family lunch solutions will inspire parents to pack healthy lunches!

Food Jar includes:

+ Food grade stainless steel and BPA free Food Jar

+ Soft BPA free clip no spork for little fingers and self feeding

+  includes additional $50 off "The 5 minute Healthy Lunchbox System"

Combo Packs include $50 off the '5 Minute Healthy Lunch Box System TM eCourse:

This online course gives you a simple, easy system for planning, preparing, and packing healthy lunches in just 5 minutes a day. You will:

• Save time and reduce stress packing lunches each morning

• Pack healthy, preservative-free food, that actually gets eaten

• Enjoy happier, healthier children who LOVE their lunch

• Make these changes a way of life for you and your family

Access over 140 recipes, 12 weeks of menu plans & shopping lists, and a private Facebook group. Get started instantly, be supported, and never run out of ideas! *One $50 off subscription discount per customer.

Key Product Features

  • Food Jar stays hot for 10 hours and cool for 7 hours! 

  • Includes soft spork that attaches for easy storage

  • Premium quality, BPA Free and food grade long lasting materials! 

  • Completes the matching starter set for a full day of lunch + morning tea + afternoon tea when used with the Easy Clean Bento + Bento Lunch Bag

  • Use from 12 months with self feeding recommended from 24 months.

  • The highest quality food-grade stainless steel is used in our 100% leakproof Food Jars, which means food stays warm and safe for 10 hours as you packed it!

  • Manufacturing is to the highest standards so you can be sure our products are drop proof and kid tough. Our lids and sporks are designed for little fingers  easy to open and close!  

  • Like all My Family products, the Food Jar is the perfectly coordinated solution to keeping your growing bundle of joy grazing on healthy food all day. 

  • At the end of the day, simply hand wash the Food Jar air thoroughly.

  • Our range is built to last and all items come with a 12 month defect and mold warranty.*

  • Combo Packs includes $50 off the '5 Minute Healthy Lunch Box System TM eCourse.


  • Food stays fresh and won’t leak even with kid rough treatment.

  • Makes packing a super nutritious lunch and snacks super easy and fun.

  • 12 month warranty, reusable, kind to planet, and super safe!

  • Makes days out with your family fun and gorgeously coordinated!

    Matchy Matchy

    In addition to our Insulated Food Jar having gorgeous matching (and super safe reusable) stainless steeldrink bottles,bento lunch boxes andlunchbags, we will soon be launching a whole range of other accessories to take the fun into everything that your little ray of sunshine does. Follow us onFacebookso that you don’t miss the launches!


    Weight .31kg

    Dimensions -  H 10.2cm x D 10cm inc spork

    Quality Warranty

    Our range is built to last and all items come with a 12 month defect warranty*. Scrapes aren’t covered as we can’t guarantee that our products can withstand tantrums or being dragged across concrete playgrounds.

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