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Makes peeing standing up a breeze for little boy's.Unconditionally Guaranteed!

This is a unique invention that is revolutionizing toilet training for little boys, it serves as a toilet training urinal, targeted especially for 1-4 year old boys.It simply clips onto the front of a normal sized toilet, allowing small boys to urinate while standing up un-aid

ed.This toilet trainer makes toilet training so simple and best of all, your little boy can enjoy the satisfaction of going to the toilet 'standing up just like Dad'.

You can give your little boy a headstart in life with this revolutionary new toilet trainer which lets little boys be "just like their dad or male caregiver".

 "After having toilet trained 2 girls I now have the pleasure of toilet training our 2.5 yo son. I too thought of those little drips beside the toilet bowl and wondered how to stop it .... So after investigating I found while shopping a toilet trainer for boys just so they can be like dad. It is inexpensive and just hangs on the outside of the toilet bowl and the little tots can stand and pee just like dad with little to no drips. A great invention and investment." Sarah H. 


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