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Smoosh Silicone Toddler Tray - Latte

Smoosh Silicone Toddler Tray - Latte

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Less fuss, more fun! The Smoosh Toddler Tray has got you covered and your kitchen or dining room table too!

The multi-tasking feeding and play accessory, you've been dreaming of. Less fuss, more fun!

Tired of crumb confetti on the floor and sticky puddles on your tables?

Designed for curious minds and hungry bellies, to keep the chaos under control

  • Raised sides and built-in catcher keeps food within arms' reach and curbs messy spills; it fits perfectly over the edge of your table or kitchen bench top
  • Light and portable so you can roll it up and whip it out at your local restaurant in the car and on family outings or holidays
  • Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, the Smoosh Silicone Toddler Tray is free from any nasties
  • Super easy to clean, just give it a quick wipe down or toss it in the dishwasher
  • After placing it on the table or bench, press and smooth out air bubbles for maximum adhesion. Keep the underside free of dirt and crumbs
  • For best results, use on glass tabletops, bench tops and tables with smooth surfaces. Add a few drops of water underneath to improve the traction if necessary
Although the packaging may seem flimsy, the box has been designed to be eco-friendly and sticky tape-free.
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