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Baby Bum Shower

Baby Bum Shower

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The Baby Bum Shower is a small, hand-held device that delivers soap and water whenever it's needed throughout the nappy changing process. Activated by a simple squeeze of the bottle, making it simple and easy to use in the messiest of situations. The Baby Bum Shower the most hygienic and effective nappy cleaning solution on the market.

The Baby Bum Shower eliminates the need for wipes, meaning you can save at least six wipes per day for each child. That's a total of 2,190 wipes per year!!! This not only saves you money, but it also helps the environment by reducing waste. You won't need to use wipes for a WET nappy change, and you can minimize the number of wipes used for cleaning a DIRTY nappy.

 To use the product, simply fill it with water and soap or just water. You can then spray it for up to 10 nappy changes before refilling it. When changing the nappy, open it up, spray the required area, dry the water with a dry clean corner of the used nappy, remove the wet nappy from underneath the baby, and replace it with a clean one. The Baby Bum Shower is easy to use, great for the baby's skin, and environmentally friendly!

Baby Bum Shower was awarded an Australian Good Design Award Gold Accolade for Product Design in sport and lifestyle. 

Benefits & More

1. Hygienic
Soap and water is a superior and proven method of hygiene, more effective than standard baby wipes. It is also a more effective alternative for washing hands on the go! 

The Baby Bum Shower removes the need for wipes with number 1’s, and significantly reduces the number of wipes for Number 2’s - saving you money.

3. ECO FRIENDLY Made with food grade silicone, it's durability ensures a long life, and is 100% recyclable. It has been designed to save a minimum of 6 wipes per day per child. That’s 2,190 wipes a year! 

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